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Hospitality Professionals Attend NVC Hospitality Symposium

Cindy Pawlcyn was the highly entertaining keynote speaker at the 5th Annual Napa Valley College Hospitality Symposium held recently at Upper Valley Campus. This nationally known author and chef was charming, endearing and quite unassuming. She began the educational forum with funny stories about her experience on Food Network Top Chef Masters. In short order - the sold out crowd was “eating out of her hand,” so to speak.

Cindy is the author of four widely acclaimed cookbooks – The Fog City Diner Cookbook, Mustards Grill Napa Valley Cookbook, Big Small Plates, and her newest, Cindy Pawlcyn’s Appetizers. She is also the executive chef and owner of three local restaurants – Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, Go Fish, and Mustards Grill, and each restaurant uses her extensive kitchen gardens.

All areas of hospitality – wineries, restaurants, hotels, and tourist businesses were represented. Managers and decision makers merged in common pursuit of excellence to learn “What’s Hot and What’s Not” in the industry. The Symposium featured a full day of speakers, breakout sessions, and a sumptuous lunch by Silverado Brewing Company, concluding with a wine tasting/ trade show at the end of the day.

“The Symposium was a successful educational and networking event in one,” commented Gillian Shipman, Design and Sales Manager from The Lux Productions event company. “The speakers I heard were full of energy and information. Topics ranged from Social Media to Service Excellence. As one of the younger event professionals in the valley, it was nice to have a break from my busy event life, and be reminded of the quality of events in Northern California, and why we are called the best at what we do,” she concluded.

“As the photographer of the Symposium it was my job to go around capturing the people speaking at the event. In every presentation, no matter the topic, I walked away with information that I could use in my own photography business,” said Megan Rhodes, Napa Valley photographer.

“Even topics that I thought I was well versed in like social media marketing, or topics that I thought would bore me to tears like employment law, the presenters were so thorough, professional, and interesting that it would have been impossible to walk away without pertinent information for my own business or any business connected to the hospitality industry for that matter.  It was definitely worth my time,” added Megan.

“The hospitality industry is remarkably youthful, and incredibly savvy,” added Charlie Monahan, Director of the NVC Hospitality Institute. “These are the individuals who are driving and serving our local economy, the hospitality industry, and we strive to deliver current and relevant information.”