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Suite Treatments, Vallejo

Suite Treatments – A NxLevel Success Story

Taking a business to the “NxLevel” requires extensive planning and hard work. Two diligent SBDC clients recently completed the NxLevel Business Training and during the 10-week course, they worked with SBDC advisors to help bring Suite Treatments to the “next level” of success.  Owner/CEO Jacque Barsotti and Vice President, Rachelle Dizon completed the SBDC NxLeveL course and together they wrote an extensive business plan, plus handled a few challenges along the way...

Suite Treatments is an event design, rental & production company in Vallejo, California, an S Corporation with an eight-year track record.   The business creates warm, inviting dressing rooms/lounge areas for musicians to relax before and after performances.  We’re talking The Fillmore and the likes of Elton John.  The company specializes in design, décor, and hospitality for artists in the music industry all over the country.  Their services include event rental, management, and staffing for every occasion.

With the guidance of Carolynne Gamble, SBDC Marketing Advisor, they created a new company logo redesigned their website, created web links with strategic alliances and reconfigured the website to be more searchable and SEO optimized.

Jacque and Rachelle established daily, weekly and monthly operations for the company including event procedures and proposal outlines for quoting new work.  They wrote a comprehensive business plan and power point presentation for the class and for the company. 

The marketing plan has a target list of existing clients, new markets, samples of proposals, a synopsis of competition and a list of vendor alliances. They created a target list of music promoters and producers in the Bay Area and nationwide, and will focus on niche services to these target markets.

SBDC Lead Business Advisor, Charlie Monahan, assisted Suite Treatments in writing a 26-page employee manual with extensive job descriptions and confidentiality agreements for all employees.  Suite Treatments hired a new accounting company to help with reconfiguring office files and organization of accounting.  During this same time, Jacque and Rachelle read over 200 resumes, interviewed and hired an Office Manager.  They established an interview process and created Operational and Human Resource Guides.

SBDC Financial Advisor, Ray Kimball, guided Jacque in restructuring and re-filing 2008 taxes.  Charlie and Ray helped with Quick Books reports and understanding P&L’s and determined net and gross sales from 2006 through 2009.

In addition to the work required for the NxLeveL course - reading, writing and researching the business plan – projects were never neglected.  During the 10-week course, Suite Treatments provided services for eight different events and festivals.  Suite Treatments also worked with SBDC Business Advisor, Sandy Stetler who taught the NxLeveL course, and Jerry Jinnett, SBDC Marketing and Research Advisor.  

"Jacque and Rachelle were willing to do the hard work and their diligence has paid off," said Carolynne Gamble, SBDC Marketing Advisor.  "Suite Treatments is perfectly poised for growth and profit this coming year, reaping a bountiful harvest for all the hard work."

For more information about Suite Treatments email Jacque Barsotti at or visit for an impressive list of projects and clients.

“In over eight years of running a business, this is my first experience EVER with profit and loss statements or balance sheets,” confessed owner, Jacque Barsotti. That’s the bad news.  “Now with careful planning, the business is set to increase income and decrease expenses in the coming year.  That’s the good news!  AND sales and profits are way up this year,” concluded Jacque.

lient: Suite Treatments
Business Owner(s): Jacque Barsotti
Phone: (707)563-3158