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BumRite Diapers, Napa

Angela Powell came to the SBDC office for advice on the development of her business plan for e-commerce sales of wash-at-home reusable cloth diapers.  SBDC Business Advisor Jerry Jinnett reviewed the business planning process and followed up by submitting a research request that provided information on customer identification, trends, and diaper-buying issues. Angela has gotten her business up and running: she has developed her website,  and because of the qualified leads generated from the internet that land potential customers on specific pages within the website, the business has turned a profit – just 12 weeks after launching the website!  Social Media marketing (aka Twitter, Facebook and Blogging) and the use of the local Yahoo! Email Group – Napa Moms Club, has enabled Angela to reach over 350 qualified customers in the Napa Valley and thousands more on the internet.  She also created and printed 5”x7” flyers and handed them out with samples of the actual diapers to local OB/GYNs and Pediatricians advising potential customers of the benefits of cloth diapering: Easy, Economical, and Environmentally Friendly.

Working off a business plan template with Jerry at the SBDC offered Angela a chance to think through her entire plan; from the financial aspect to potential product lines, to security for inventory, to insurance and licensing and permit requirements.

Learn more about the benefits of cloth diapering at

“The SBDC is a free service and a wonderful program offered to the residents of Napa.  Why wouldn’t we take advantage of it?”

Client: Bumrite Diapers
Business Owner(s): Angela Powell
Phone:  (707)337-1116